Here are the 50 best-selling cars in the world in 2018

Between January and April 2018, nearly 29 million new vehicles were sold worldwide. Among the 50 most popular drivers’ cars, there are several American, German or Japanese models, but only one French, in 39th position. The automotive market is doing well and some manufacturers are benefiting in particular. Between January and April 2018, 28.81 million cars have been marketed worldwide, according to a study conducted by automotive expert Jato Dynamics. Among the list of the most popular models among global consumers, manufacturers Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen or Honda appear several times. French industry is present only once in this ranking, represented by the Renault brand.

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In the ranking of the best-selling models since the beginning of 2018, the first place is occupied by Ford’s American F-Series (F-150, 250, 350) with more than 336,000 units sold. A pole position it retains thanks to its dominance of the US market, where it concentrates nearly 85% of its sales volumes. In the second place, we find the Toyota Japanese brand Corolla with 309,166 cars sold, driven by its growth in the Chinese market (+ 19%). Volkswagen Golf (291,648 units), which accounts for over 20% of its sales in Germany, completes the top three.

128,530 Renault Clio sold between January and April 2018

In the remainder of the Top 10, follow the Honda Civic (262,138 units), the Nissan X-Trail / Rogue (260,301 units), the Toyota Rav4 (249,590 units), the Volkswagen Tiguan (244,200 units), the Volkswagen Passat / Magotan ( 243,436 units) as well as two models from the Japanese manufacturer Honda, the HR-V (220,918 units) and the CR-V (210,839 units). The first French model, the Renault Clio, only made its appearance at 39th position with 128,530 vehicles sold. The Toyota Vitz / Yaris (118,627), the Volkswagen Bora (116,195), the Toyota Highlander / Kluger (111,639), the Cerato de Kia (11,502) and the Ford Mondeo (108,181) close the ranking of the best sales worldwide.  All of these sales have increased by 3.4% since the beginning of the year compared to 2017. Compared to 2017, the best increases are those of the Baojun 510, second best selling cars in 2018 in the usa (+ 258%), the Jeep Compass (+ 186%), the Chevrolet Equinox (+ 42%) and the Mercedes-Benz GLC Class (+ 32%).

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While the US, European and Chinese markets account for more than two-thirds of vehicle sales between January and April 2018, market growth in several emerging markets, including India, Brazil, and Russia, should not be overlooked, according to Jato Dynamics. Between 2017 and 2018, the first two countries posted a growth of 10.9% and 20.5% respectively, compared to just 4.7% for France and 5.1% for Germany. While Chinese sales rose only 4.4%, China still far ahead of other countries with more than 8.3 million vehicles marketed, well beyond the United States, which does not count than 5.4 million over the same period.

The French manufacturer announces an investment of one billion euros in its French factories that will primarily concern electric vehicles, on the eve of a general meeting of shareholders where the mandate of its CEO Carlos Ghosn must be renewed. One billion euros. This is the sum that Renault will invest in its French factories. An announcement that necessarily wants to put forward Carlos Ghosn, on the eve of a general shareholders’ meeting, Friday, June 15, when his term as CEO will be renewed. The news is necessarily positive for the French employees, always quick to worry about the durability of the sites. And this massive investment in a main theme: the electric vehicle. All stakeholders in the automotive world today believe that this type of propulsion is promised a bright future. Sales growth is very strong (+ 38% in Europe since the beginning of the year for Renault), even though they still represent only a small share of total registrations.

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Four French sites are concerned by Renault’s announcements. First that of Douai, in the North, which assembles today Space, Talisman and Scenic. The new electric platform of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance will be industrialized there. Two Renault vehicles are expected to be affected, the first of which will be available from 2021. In Flint, in the Yvelines, Zoe’s production capacity will quickly be doubled. Last year, 35,000 Zoe were assembled. Production will quickly increase to at least 70,000 vehicles.

Recruit 5,000 employees over the period 2017 to 2019

To propel these electric vehicles, you need engines. They are also manufactured in France, in Cléon, in Seine-Maritime, the site historically specialized in diesel engines. Production capacity will be tripled. Production will follow a similar trend, going from 80,000 last year to 240,000 in 2022, at the end of the strategic plan. A new generation electric motor will also be introduced from 2021. The Zoe is not the only vehicle powered by this electric motor. He also equips the Kangoo and Master utilities but also the electric Smart. Finally, a new generation of electric Kangoo is also announced. It will be assembled in Maubeuge, in the North, place of assembly of the current generation.

Top 100 most sold vehicles in the world in 2018

The end of the first semester is approaching and the analyst firm Jato Dynamics gives us the first trend for this year which is finally unsurprising with regard to the best sales worldwide: we take the same, and we start again. In the first four months of the year, the Top 100 most sold cars in the world have finally no surprise or almost. China and the United States (in that order) being, by far, the two main markets, they influence quite widely this ranking dominated again by the Series “F” at Ford, with, at the head, the F150. On the other hand, we can always plead against the policy of Americans to classify pickups “full size” in cars, even if these machines are officially sold under the name “trucks”. In the second place, we find the immovable Toyota Corolla, sold in the United States and around the world, which follows the American heavyweight that precedes it. The Volkswagen Golf closes the podium with a beautiful third place and more than 290,000 copies in four months.

Here, the classification by category, with, each time, the best progression.

Here, the classification by category, with, each time, the best progression.

French cars, far in the rankings, but why?

The first French car is none other than the Renault Clio, with just over 128,000 units: it ranks 39th, behind cars like the Mazda 3, the Mercedes E-Class and … the Subaru Impreza, yet nonexistent in our countries. The case of the French is however complex: they are mostly sold in Europe, for the most part. Is this enough to explain the relatively modest performance of Citroën, Peugeot, Renault or DS cars? Not necessarily, since the Volkswagen Golf, which is also European, is doing very well globally. Remember, moreover, that Europe is the second largest car market in the world, behind China, but ahead of the United States! Why Golf in third place and Clio so far in the rankings, then? Simply because in addition to being well sold in Europe, the Golf also makes nice scores in China, where the French brands have all the trouble in the world to exist. Renault arrived late, and PSA suffered a sharp erosion of sales. Add to that the fact that PSA as Renault are non-existent in the United States, and you get brands ultra dependent on Europe in terms of volumes. All, however, is not morose for the French. The Peugeot 5008 skates the Skoda Kodiaq worldwide and easily exceeds the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace. The Europeans are still very far from the Nissan Rogue (or X-Trail). Again, this is explained by the strong presence of Nissan in the United States, where Peugeot is absent. The Citroën C3 Aircross, new entrant, is positioned for its rather good for its debut. This is promising for Citroën. Also worthy of mention is the beautiful Sandero square, which is an access car: it is present worldwide, and especially in emerging markets, sold in these countries by Renault. Here again, the international presence makes it possible to place oneself well.

Pierre Desjardins On 05 July 2018 at 14:00

Generally, the presentations to which the car manufacturers invite us all the year are spent at worst in the Chevreuse Valley or in Munich in November, at best in Mallorca or Cassias in Portugal. But this is a special invitation that has fallen into the mailbox of Paradisiac: take for the first time the wheel of the new Audi Q8 in the desert of Atacama, located in northern Chile.

Road trip – We crossed the driest desert in the world by Audi Q8

So does it change anything in Melun or Santiago, Rotterdam or Rio? Strictly nothing, honestly. An SUV is already a technical nonsense, with an unnecessarily high ground clearance generally giving the whole a clumsy behavior and the aerodynamics of a block. But they snapped like hot cakes, and exponentially: 15% more in the first months of 2018 compared to 2017 in the world, to be precise. And if you buy more and more, car manufacturers are doing more and more and declining as much as they can in all dimensions.

Roadtrip – We crossed the driest desert in the world by Audi Q8

Okay, we recognize the Audi style : no revolution here, we have a conservative clientele but we still note a certain turn that will take the next Q. The Single Frame grille evolves once again, with a thicker outline that can be gray, black or your body, and six vertical bars. On each side, there are two double headlights at the darkened lower part to refine them while at the back, the strip of lights stretches across the width. The whole is rather sporty and aggressive with this protruding front spoiler and this profile packed, ragged thanks to widened wings.

Roadtrip – We crossed the driest desert in the world by Audi Q8

But truce blah-blah, on the way, we have a desert to cross. And not just any. The Atacama desert is that of all superlatives. Wedged between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, its altitude ranges from 0 to almost 4,700 meters, it is also considered the driest desert in the world where it does not rain sometimes for nearly 50 years. So, I’m definitely the biggest beast for miles around because Atacama has the lowest organic density on Earth, the local fauna is limited to a few lizards, scorpions and spiders, so much so that NASA came here to try its robots before sending them to Mars. Not a cat (literally) so, a real happiness. To say that yesterday I arrived at the airport in a crowded RER, that’s nice. On the other hand, temperature level, it can surprise. We are in June but as we are in the southern hemisphere, a few kilometers from the Tropic of Capricorn, it is winter. Here it means that it can freeze at night but that we climb not far from 30 ° the day, which is a sacred thermal amplitude.

Roadtrip – We crossed the driest desert in the world by Audi Q8

However, once boarded the Q8, we find ourselves in a perfectly sealed cocoon. The dashboard is the perfect example of the new layout that is also found in the A8, A7 and soon the A6. Three large screens, one for instrumentation behind the steering wheel, a second to display the functions of the MMI multimedia system and a third serving as a touchpad to control everything. The set is integrated with a dashboard of beauty with the clean design. At the rear, despite the plunging roofline, passengers have enough room at the head, which we can not say in an A7, and the trunk is gargantuan, with a volume of 605 liters.

Roadtrip – We crossed the driest desert in the world by Audi Q8

Our itinerary allows us to discover the many faces of this region. We start at the exit of San Pedro de Atacama by large plains dotted with thorny bushes, plains that hilly gradually before turning into a real climb collar. The onboard computer announces that we are now taming the 4,500 meters, an attitude that makes men and machines suffer. In fact, both are out of breath. Our test model may be a 50 TDI equipped with a V6 3.0 developing 286 hp and 600 Nm which was initially healthy to move the 2,100 kg of all, it now seems cruelly lacking oxygen while we are at an elevation between the finish line of Pikes Peak and the summit of Mont Blanc. It is then necessary to put in Sports mode and not hesitate to use a large part of the race of the accelerator to keep an acceptable rate of progression. The Tiptronic eight-speed gearbox seems to be in its death throes. Already lacking responsiveness at sea level on other models that we could take the wheel, as on the A7 Sportback for example, it now seems to think long between each report to determine which to choose.

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